Workshops and Instructor-led learning experiences are a great way to develop and energize your teams. These workshops can be customized for specific groups or objectives within your organization or workplace.
Visual Thinking School
Visual Thinking School (VTS) is a workshop or series of workshops that illustrate the power of using visual frameworks to capture information and tell stories. These framworks assist in prioritizing information and creating actionable and measurable goals for your projects. VTS can be used as an opportunity for you and your employees to develop facilitation skills or augment existing ones. I learned these skills while working at XPLANE. More about VTS can be learned here.
Idea School
Idea School is a workshop of exercises designed to assist you in creative problem-solving and jumpstarting new ideas and concepts. It’s a tool kit that can be used to help you avoid cliches or to get out of a rut. This workshop can be designed to help an organization with developing their own creative process or simply as a way to break up routine and have some fun.
Software & Media Skills
This workshop is all about learning new skills. These one-day sessions focus on a single process or tool. For example, learning what it takes to design, develop and deploy a weekly podcast, the fundamantals of designing an interactive learning experience or targeted training in software like Articulate Storyline or the Adobe Creative Suite. A complete list of skills is listed in the “About” page on this website.
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